Sunday, July 13, 2008

A garden day (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

We are now well into the middle of summer here in Denver, and that means plenty of convection oven-like heat. It is a blessing that it is also not really humid, but, then again, how humid is it inside your oven? Does the lack of humidity inside it make you ready to climb in??

What’s fun right now, here at home, is seeing what is happening in our garden. My delightfully marvelous wife (wait…maybe that should have been, “Marvelously delightful”…she is so special to me it is hard to pin down the description) has designed our garden to sustain itself through the seasons, spring right through to the snows we see in the fall. We have plants which go completely ballistic as soon as the ground thaws, and as each month of the summer passes, we have other stars which take the stage.

Here are a few shots from yesterday morning. There’s a rose (above), a columbine, and a hollyhock, and then there are some other flowers which have yet to tell me their names. I call them all, ‘pretty’. It is a good catch-all name for them, don’t you think?
I love this one because of the little blue flower sticking its head into this shot. I have children who do that every time a camera is visible.

This Columbine is so striking--so different in color than we usually see.

I’m loving the tomato plants (not pictured--they are insisting that they be given their privacy for now) because they love the heat. Someone needs to love it hot, and it is not me, I promise.

This is the time of year when Julia wants to sit outside and just absorb the energy of our garden. She invites me to join her, and my well-reasoned response is, “What?? Out there? Where it is really hot?”

Bless her for having patience with me.


Olivia said...

How beautiful your garden is, Rick! Blessings and love, O

Lynn said...

Very pretty shots of very pretty flowers.