Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finding my own voice

It is time now to wrap up the first hundred posts here at Hamguin's, and the irony is obvious to me as I select, for the milestone post, one I wrote months ago and never published. I don't remember why, other than the fact that it was written a bit prematurely--it was designed as a post to formally end my month of Sacred Life daily posts, yet I wrote it only two weeks into that month. Perhaps I forgot about it, who knows?

Today, it is time for it to come out of the "drafts" folder, and into the light.


One of the unexpected pleasures of the My Sacred Life project and the contact I have had with a wonderfully talented and powerful group of women (and a few men) is the finding of my own voice.

I love to write, and I do exactly that for much of my business life. It's not my choice, though, as to what I can write--mostly, I'm sending technical advice to people having computer or connectivity issues. It's not like my own personality and style are forbidden in those messages: the people I know at work have learned to expect at least a couple of sentences which are not germane to the topic, but fun stuff.

Generally, though, my words are to instruct or advise, not written for my own joy. And, that's what My Sacred Life has become for me: the opportunity to write for the joy it brings. Simple as that.

The icing on the cake is to be in the cyber-presence of so many great writers! As I imagine all of us have done, I have visited every blogger's place at least once. Some, I visit more often, some less. All, though, offer up so much love and passion for their own pursuits that it is always fun to wander among the now-numerous other blogs. Even those who have as their life's purpose something that I would normally have no interest in, have shown me the joy I know they feel in writing about their thing.

Today is the last day I will blog as a matter of meeting my obligation to myself to write every day and show the result to anyone who wants to read it. The deal was 30 days, and today is the 30th.

Somehow, though, I don't see this ending. I know I'll be writing tomorrow. After that, who knows?

To Carla, who started the whole thing, a huge hug and big THANK YOU! To all my fellow bloggers in My Sacred Life, I will continue visiting and loving the community we have built...and which continues to grow.


"Carla" is Carla Blazek, the founder of My Sacred Life, and the follow-on blog pursuit which has some hundred or more members, Sacred Life Sunday.

I continue to write, although only once or twice a week these days. Still, the motivation is the same. I wish to both elucidate my feelings for my own benefit, and, with any luck, provide to a few others a perspective they may find helpful.

Those of you who stop by, thanks for reading. Those of you who comment, I'm grateful for your time and investment. Those of you who wandered here by accident, searching for midget renegade sex-starved kangaroos, well...this is not the right place, and bless you on your way.


thailandchani said...

I find that the SLS keeps me focused on some positive message I want to share with others - even if it's only weekly. Doing it every day seems a bit hard. :)

Olivia said...

Great summation of what SLS has come to mean to all of us, Rick! I agree with Chani that it is good to focus once a week on some positive message that I want to share; it's funny though how hard it is sometimes to do that. This tells me that I need to orient my life more to see the sacred, to notice the positive, to be aware, present and pay attention. SLS is a good reminder to do all of these things all week.

Thanks for this post...I'm glad you find your voice here. Your insights have blessed me tremendously, Rick!
xxoo, O

GreenishLady said...

Congratulations on your 100th post, and also, and especially on your wedding anniversary. It looks like you had a really special celebration.

rebecca said...

i think one of the best things i have ever done was to create a blog where i could finally give that pent-up creativity free reign. i can see how my writing has progressed and how i've honed it....obviously, the more you write, the better you become. i've always been a closet writer and to let the world in and "see" you was frightening at first, but no longer. i've made a lot of good "bloggie" friends and have seen the creativity of many, many talented folks.

and, i write when inspiration hits. that simple.

congrats on your 100th post!