Friday, February 1, 2008

Too good? Or so good?

(click on the photo for more from the photographer who snapped this "too good to be true" shot)

In discussing a friend's great day recently, she noted, "It has been too good to be true!" That got me to thinking about the problem most of us seem to have with graciously accepting good fortune.

In fact, larger than that, most of us seem unable to accept the fact that we are the single-largest determining factor in how our lives go! Instead, we bemoan our losses, we describe as dumb luck our victories, and, all in all, we act as our own impenetrable barrier to a happy and fulfilled life.

Some cliches to consider:

"...just waiting for the other shoe to drop" (usually said when something good has happened, and one expects something bad to 'balance it out')

"too good to be true" (self-limiting, and a guarantee that the good ain't gonna last)

It's almost like we are more comfortable with something to complain about than we are able to enjoy when things are peachy!

Now, there is a higher level at which this post I am writing could be done, where there is no 'good' or 'bad', but I'm not coming from that higher place today. Today, I'm all about the nuts-and-bolts reality of how we engineer our lives to be disappointing to a far greater degree than we know.

In writing a comment on my friend Olivia's blog, I asked her why she could not try this on for size: "this is so good, it has to be true!" She even expanded it and improved on it. Here is Olivia's version:
"It feels so good, it must be true and real and lasting."

Olivia is in the midst of some pretty exciting events and powerful behavioral changes she is engineering herself, and I heartily recommend that you check out what she is up to these days!

The bottom line is this: if you think it is too good to be true, you are right. On the other hand, if you believe that you and your attitude and thoughts and visualizations can help "too good to be true" turn into "It feels so good, it must be true and real and lasting!" you are just as correct!

Be your own head cheerleader, your own top life coach, and believe in the miracles you are ready to create. You are a powerful being with a direct line to all the magic the universe can bring to bear. Get with it!

Please let me know about your first miracle. It can be one from years ago, or one from ten minutes before you saw this post. It can be life-altering, or just a wink from the universe (yesterday's little miracle for me--I was trying to recall the word 'credulity' and saw it in a magazine article only minutes later. Not all that common a word, you know! my micro-miracle) I'm hoping to have quite a collection of miracle stories before it is all over. The last note I will leave you with today: miracles are contagious and prolific at procreating...your own beget more for you, and all of yours beget other miracles for the people around you, and for people you have never met.

We're going to create one heck of a place to work magic, don't you think?


Kate I said...

I love this...

It feels so good, it must be true and real and lasting!

I'm going to run with that one too. Thanks for bringing this up's something I'm very concious of these days and working to change. And yes, Olivia is an amazing lady!

Olivia said...

A great post Rick, provocative as always! Thanks for writing about me, too :)

I have had a life of miracles. The most recent one, though, is happening right now and is the reason I'm up at four this morning reading your blog on a Saturday morning: my job. It is just too amazingly right for me. It will use all of my skills and require many new ones. It will stretch me in every way to the max. It will require all of my BE BRAVE skills. It is a "big girl" job. It is so scary good that it must be true and real and lasting :)

Love and thanks,


Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

O--Your new job? It is SO amazingly right for you!! (grin) I'm going to keep after you until you have banished "too" from your vocabulary.

This is really such an important message for me, and I didn't realize it until I was wrapping it up yesterday. There will be more related to this topic, I promise!

Anonymous said...

My latest miracle is also my job. In a depressed economy, this job found me that fits me like a glove. I count my blessings every single day.

Melissa said...

Self fulfilling prophecies: they work both in the negative and the positive! Nice post, thanks, Melissa

ladybug said...

I've got my pom poms out and I'm ready to cheer myself on!



Thanks for the encouragement!