Thursday, February 28, 2008


We celebrated the birthday of my wonderful wife, Julia, yesterday. We did so in a low-key way, but that's not for a heartbeat meant to reflect on her importance in my life.

Julia and I have now been together for more than ten years (in fact, as of Saturday, we will have been together in Denver for exactly ten years), beginning with a long-distance relationship which quickly blossomed.

She is a powerfully sensitive person. Yes, that description is a bit hard to understand at first reading, but what I mean by that, is that Julia offers her spiritual teachings in a very gentle way, but there is no missing the power behind those teachings. Nor, in fact, is there any missing it in our day-to-day life together.

We live our lives, together, very differently than I was living my life years ago. The credit goes to Julia, as she brought with her to Denver, and into my life, such an amazingly focused energy on finding the love in whatever we do. There is a very different set of eyes that one is using to view the world when one begins with the assumption that it all is about love, made of love, contains love, and radiates love.

I am so, so grateful that I have been blessed with Julia's sweet spirit in my life.

And, the least important point, I am grateful that she is not able, at least until next year, to tease me about the fact that she is a year younger. My birthday is 23 days before hers, same year as hers, so for that short period, I must endure the tortures of the younger spouse.

I have determined that it is worth it.

Julia, I love you with all that I am. Perhaps better, I love you with all I hope to become.


Olivia said...

Happy Birthday to you both! What a nice thing to do for Julia's birthday, to write a post to honor her and your relationship! Dual birthday blessings, O

storyteller said...

Happy Belated birthday to your wife! I hope it was a delightful one. Seems like you have a wonderful relationship.
Hugs and blessings,

Angela said...

Sniff, sniff. Happy Birthday, Julia!