Thursday, February 21, 2008


I considered a video of this one, one which I just wrote in the last ten minutes, and decided, instead, to let it stand on its own, words on an electronic page.

And, I was too lazy to set up to do a video right now, in all honesty.

So, here is:


It seems that, despite my best denials,
my strongest intent otherwise, my most-fervent
wishes, I am getting older.

Wiser? More mature? Of more value
to my family or planet? I dare not offer an answer,
as there is no way to determine one today.

But, the aging part is clear for all to see--
pick your favorite indicator: wrinkles? Sagging?
Forgetfulness? I can show you all of these, and more.

Yet, deep inside, I am still 11...
I love baseball, even though I am
in no danger of becoming good at it.

I know far more about sports statistics than
I do about women...well, girls.
Little concerns me, nothing causes worry.

Okay...there is that one issue with how,
exactly, one kisses a girl. It is only a theoretical
concern at this time, but still.

Today, back in this old body, I now can say with certainty
that kissing a woman is only matched, and
only sometimes, by causing a woman to laugh.

It is life's blessing that aging doesn't cause
one bit of slowing in one's talent for giving women
a good laugh, even if you don't get to kiss them much anymore.


Jane said...

Happy Friday Rick!

I've been going through this weird phase lately where I am feeling so much older and worrying, of course, that I'll be over the hill for relationships. I sure hope Mr. Right still finds me desirable with orthopedic shoes and dentures..LOL!

Rick Hamrick said...

Jane! Don't worry about it. After all, you don't want Mr Right to find you in your sensible shoes with perfect teeth (even if they came from the prosthodontist) and *worry lines*, do you?? (big grin)

Thanks much for stopping by!

Olivia said...

Well, Rick, I'm an aging woman (as we all are, I guess technically) but also literally, since I'm in my second half-century. I think that most of us would PREFER a man who can make us laugh than a man who can kiss well. Or maybe it's that a man who makes us laugh---by definition---kisses well? Ladies?

I think I am 11 inside too :)



storyteller said...

Ah ... I love the part about feeling 11 within and about loving to make a woman laugh. It's my 63rd birthday today and your piece brought a smile to my face ... so I thought I'd let you know.

I think of my wrinkles as character lines and the grey in my hair suits me. I don't feel anything near 63 ... in fact a Blogthing I did recently indicates I act 27. LOL
Hugs and blessings,

Sphincter said...


rebecca said...

this was good, rick. i liked it! and, altho i like a man who can make me laugh, i also like one who still likes to kiss as well .... *sigh*

Rick Hamrick said...

rebecca--just think how lucky my wife is! I can give her a good laugh, kiss her well, and make her roll her eyes, too! (all the jokes don't work, I guess)

Sphinc--you are now in a three-way tie for shortest blog comment ever on my blog. The contest is now closed, before somebody contributes "!" or "?" and wants to know what they win...

Angela said...

What a wonderful poem, Rick! And most women, as we get older, appreciate a man who can keep us laughing a lot more than a man who knows how to kiss!