Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ready to be done

Since my last post over a week ago, it has been a time of hustling to get things done for the holidays, hustling to get things done at work (we moved 93 people over the last weekend--my team is responsible for making the technology work for all those people at the new cubicle or office to which they were moved), and basically finding my well running dry.

I'm a person who needs quiet time, alone time, time to allow my insides to settle into whatever new shape they are going to settle into, if given the opportunity.

When I don't get that time, my head becomes a jumble of conflicting intent and goals, and I end up getting less done than I normally do. I'm also not a happy camper, and that's really the crux of the matter.

It is the nature of the work I do that I serve others. The company I work for, just as many other large companies are doing, staffs teams like mine with the absolute minimum number of people who can get the job done, barely acceptably. Because I am fortunate to have three passionate, competent members of my team who all go above and beyond every day, we exceed all expectations of our customers, the employees in this building.

There is a price, though. Sometimes, I simply don't want to serve one more person even the slightest way by the time I get home, and there are still people to be served: my wife and my children.

So, when I have had a week like this past week, I get grumpy. I don't want to be around people. I want to be by myself, let the stress work its way out of my bones, and refresh my perspective and grow a new attitude.

Today offers a good chance, as my entire department is having a three-hour party beginning at 1 pm. I have decided to stay here at the office and do whatever the heck I please with that three hours of time. As one of my guys said, "you better close your door!" I will probably take his advice!

The irony of the fact that I only discovered the "Blogging Without Obligation" idea and badge (see the BWO badge in the right column) posted by tiffini electra x on her own blog a few weeks ago is not lost on me! Notice no apologies are included here for having missed Sacred Life Sunday and writing no blog entries at all for the last eight days, and contributing very few comments on my friends' blogs? That's because I have nothing to regret or apologize for. I blog without obligation, and do so as an outlet when inspiration strikes.

That being said, I love to write, I love to read what other people write, and I love to respond when I am feeling the urge to respond. And, I really love it when someone else reads what I wrote, and leaves their own comment for me.

So, while I am all curmudgeonly this afternoon as my team parties at the restuarant where the company is providing lunch, don't feel badly for me! I'll be doing exactly what I want to be doing. Mostly, it will result in me being less of a curmudgeon tomorrow, and that's a desirable result. We have the extended family party to attend on Saturday, and I want to be as relaxed as I can be by then. Those events tend to have at least one minor explosion per year, and I don't intend to be involved!

I'm sure I will be back soon, and we'll see what inspiration has brought to mind then.

Who knows? By next week, this could be me!


Kikipotamus said...

Good self care, yay! I know what you mean about reaching your people/stress quota and then needing a certain amount of down time. I also get befuddled and grumpy when I don't get my alone time. At my last job, I volunteered for the noon to 8:00 shift for that very reason. Ah, blissful quiet office and me getting things done.

Sylvain said...

WOoooooooo!! Shake it SANTA!!!

rebecca said...

"When I don't get that time...I'm also not a happy camper, and that's really the crux of the matter." Oh yeah! I've been there many, many times!

Wow, you've been very busy! It seems to be a universal problem with IT personnel; here too they are understaffed and yet they manage to do a phenomenal job.

Well, blogging without obligation aside, I'm so happy to have 'caught up' with you again...

Best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season and relax and live it up!

Lynn said...

This is hysterical! I came over to tell you I gave you an award today. You can come by my blog spot to pick it up, when you are done dancing and/or delivering gifts from roof top to roof top! You are a very funny man!

Olivia said...


I missed you but figured you were out living your life, and sure enough you were! I appreciate the BWO philosophy, since blogging when you really need to be resting, relaxing, interacting face-to-face, or anything else at all tends to make it a chore instead of fun. I think blogging and reading blogs should be fun or why do it?

I am the same way about alone time. That's hard to get any time of year when working full time outside the home, that's for sure, but especially now.

Your Santa is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! I did one for for my husband with his face and he cracked a smile (this is a stressful time of year for him)! How very funny...that song has been in my head all day since I heard it!

Peace and blessings and ho ho ho's,


Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks to you all for visiting!

Sylvain--be careful what you encourage! It could get worse, you know.

Rebecca--I loved your birth story, which brought to mind the story of the birth of one of my four daughters. I left a ridiculously long comment on your blog about it!

Lynn--when I went to see what award you blessed me with, I did not find my name among those listed. Or, maybe my award is so special that it is not visible to the common visitor, and I need the super-secret handshake to be explained before I can view my award? (grinning)

O--I had a sense that you and Kelly would have the most empathic reaction, given that we each seem to have a little of the same thing goin' on now: "You guys are so cute with all your smiley faces and big joy and stuff! I'll be back after some quiet time on my own, okay??"

I'm glad LoveHubbie enjoyed his turn in the Santa suit!