Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The hot button does it again

As much as I know that there are certain individuals and certain groups which my team supports who have, in the past, proven able to assist me in departing from GWCC-free world, it doesn't mean I don't still fail in dealing with them. Sometimes, emotion grabs the wheel even as the calmer, wiser Self is advising a rest stop.

Heck, today the parties concerned weren't even in the room. I have not even seen them in many months. Yet, actions they took over the weekend prompted me, in recounting those actions to my team during our team meeting, to come out with, "What the BLEEP was he thinking?? He has been here for four years and still doesn't know the protocol to get help on a weekend?!?"

Hard to see that verbal explosion as anything other than criticism, with a dash of disbelief and a heaping helping of exasperation. I think there was the slightest hint of complaining, too.

Day 18, tomorrow, will also be Day One. Not as judgment, but as gift.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read about it on Patti's blog. Or, you can click the "37days: Complaint-free" badge in the column to the right.


Kikipotamus said...

Welcome back to the Day One club, Rick! So good to have some company. So far I am still on day two, but not counting my chickies until I'm safely tucked in bed and the light is out.

Julie said...

Hey, that's like 144.5 hours more than I made into it, so congrats!

Rick Hamrick said...

I'm sticking with the old saw, "It's not the destination, it's the journey."

I don't recall who it was, but someone wrote about how they found the whole "how long do you have?" question at the AA meetings they attended to be missing the point, in the mind of the writer.

That's not to say I won't rejoice on the day I complete 37 GWCC-free days in a row, only that I agree with the person writing about AA: if you are doing better today than yesterday, great! If you aren't, then try doing better tomorrow than you did today. Repeat. Keeping score is silly unless it is accompanied by a realization that the gain is in the playing, not the game ending.

James Carse wrote a magical book on that whole topic called, "Finite and Infinite Games - A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility"...which reminds me! I have his book "Breakfast at the Victory" on my desk, and I have not been taking little breaks to read it!

That's what I have started doing at work to help me with the subconscious processing and release of the junk that this place seems to accumulate in me: I have at least two books at all times which I can spend ten minutes reading (the other book at present is a Wayne Dyer book) and totally escape.

Spiritual refreshment break! That's what those are. Gotta go read for a few minutes...

Thanks for stopping by and offering encouraging words, ladies!


Rick - thanks for the tip on the 37 day thing. I think I'm going for it!

Olivia said...

Hi, Rick,

Just to let you've been tagged! Love to you, O