Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Challenge

One of Patti Digh's loyal readers, (not to mention a great artist) Donna Miller, sent Patti a wonderful card depicting a powerful thought from Patti from her blog, in recognizing that every day, we are on Day One of a challenge to find the kindness and humanity to avoid complaining, whining, gossiping, or criticizing.

Donna was generous in allowing all of us who have taken up the challenge to display her card. Here it is: a size I used on the right-hand sidebar.

So, you can get the html which will work in new Blogger (just email me -- the address is top right, in the About area) and you can click in the image in this post to save a copy for yourself (use the "Save as..." technique by clicking the image, then right-clicking it on the new page which opens).

You can click the Day One badge at right to go to Patti's page which describes the challenge.

Thanks, Donna!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I have to admit, I tried to be aware of my complaining at work yesterday and it was kind of fun. I'll email you this weekend for directions on how to post this to my site, and will then start my day ones.
I really wonder what my personality will be like without complaining-:)