Sunday, October 14, 2007

My eldest (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Today, as I think back to a day a bit more than 21.5 years ago when this person first came into my life--she had been inside her mother getting ready for her debut for most of a year before that day in early March of 1986--I know, more because of her than any other human being, the meaning of unconditional love.

She was the first of four amazingly strong, beautiful women we created. While the mother and I have long since parted ways, those daughters are a common thread between us which will always be there.

Today is a special day for Aubrie. She performs her formal recital today, which is the culmination of all she has learned (and endured, I'm sure she would want me to mention) in her time at the University of Denver as a classical voice major.

She is a senior at DU. It has been a time for her of astonishing growth crammed into such a short period of time. She had the chance to spend almost half a year in Europe last year, studying in Vienna as she participated in a program DU supports which creates such opportunities for undergrads. I'm sure that time will be precious to her always in her memory, as she learned as much outside of class as inside.

She was able to travel a good bit while going to school in Vienna, and the broadening of her world view can only be seen as a positive addition to her life experience. And, should you ever talk to Aubrie, make sure you ask about Helga. She is Aubrie's angel of mercy, always available to help when she most needed it. When Aubrie was sick, it was Helga who had the magic cure. A lifelong friend of Julia's--Helga came to the United States as a foreign exchange student and lived with Julia's family when both were in high school--she was the surrogate parent who not only showed Aubrie around Vienna and treated Aubrie as her long-missed daughter, she also made it her mission to see that Aubrie had everything she needed...even if Aubrie didn't know she needed it! That's Helga: the provider of all you need, know it or not!

All the times Aubrie has struggled are the steps upon which her triumph we see and hear today is built. Just as we all come to learn from, and leverage, our past misadventures, Aubrie, today, brings home the magic.

Today, my sacred life Sunday is devoted to my daughter, Aubrie.

This video was taken during her recital a few hours ago.


Julie said...

Wow - congratulations. You must be very proud and rightfully so!

Deborah said...


Patti said...

Bravo! What a talent your daughter is. No wonder you are so proud.

Kate I said...

I echo the above...WOW! What a gift...what a voice...what a daughter! What a proud papa!

Jane said...

This is wonderful! What a nice moment for a very proud dad!

Kim said...

And you should be so proud!

Sphincter said...

Jeez Louise! That's amazing! Congrats all around--she must have had lots of support in order to achieve this level of excellence.

Lillithmother said...

Aw Rick, how puffed and proud you sound of your daughter's accomplishments! And her voice...breathtaking!! Even I can understand the sacredness of this moment...


ladybug said...

What a wonderful post! and what a wonderful celebration of a beautiful gifted young woman.

Jane said...

Hi Rick,

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Melissa said...

Beautiful and moving! Sweetness, the voice of an angel!

tinker said...

I just found your blog, by way of Happy Luau, and decided to watch the video - I'm glad I did. Your daughter is so talented - she has a lovely singing voice! This was such a beautiful tribute to your love for her.

The Dream said...

This totally touched my heart - what a lovely woman she is ... good job on that one, Rick! What a blessing!

Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks to you all for stopping by and allowing me this moment of dad-bragging!

Tinker--glad you found this little corner and watched the video, and I'll stop by your place later.

Jane--while I only know you from our connection via the blogosphere, I have to agree that your DNA description sounds just like the Jane I know!