Thursday, September 13, 2007

NO WAKE (My Sacred Life, day 20)

We don't have many rules, Julia and I, here at Sleepy Hollow. On vacation, there is really only one rule: there is to be no waking of a snoozing person unless there was a prior request from said sleeper to be awakened at a particular time.

Thus, today's snapshot: there is a channel which leads from the small lake on the inland side of this resort, out to Lake Michigan. Because it is the launch point for lots of fun watercraft--fun, unless you are the unwilling witness to their loud, obnoxiously fast transits--the resort settled upon a no-confusion, no-nonsense, NO WAKE sign attached to the bridge over the channel. Plenty of the folks here enjoy dipping a canoe paddle or several, and canoes don't mix well with craft going any faster than about 3 mph.

Julia and I tend to be on quite different sleep schedules, and it is a blessing that we are closer in scheduling here than we are at home. I tend to follow the daylight, meaning I'm done soon after it gets dark, and I'm ready to go often before the dawn. Julia tends more toward getting up when the puppies insist, and going to bed well after the new day is officially started (12 a.m.).

Here, I'm easily staying up an hour or two later than at home, and she has found it easy to call it a day an hour or two earlier. So, we're closer to keeping similar schedules, and that's helpful when it comes time to plan outings and such.

Still, the prime directive remains: if a nap is in order, it is to be considered sacred.

Now, if we could just convince our nosy neighbor to stop dropping by while naps are in progress...maybe we should hang a copy of that NO WAKE sign on the door.

(this is my lovely and talented spouse, enjoying her favorite relaxation spot on the screened porch of Sleepy Hollow)


Cre8Tiva said...

i understand about following the daylight and having a spouse who loves the night...have a blessed vacation...with your beautiful wife...blessings, rebecca

Julie said...

Think I might have to get one of those signs (to scale) to put up near my couch-:)

Carla said...

What a wonderful rule! So glad you're having a great time together. Togetherness is precious.

Carmen said...

Your wife is indeed beautiful talented and a great writer!
Happy 10th anniversary!
I am enjoying her articles.