Sunday, September 30, 2007

A new project (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

My wife and I (she’s the amazingly insightful author, speaker, teacher and intuitive counselor Julia Rogers Hamrick) have decided to take another journey together, and you are all invited along.

We shared in the process of preparing and publishing her first book, Recreating Eden, and in the building both of her signature website and a website dedicated to Easy World, the paradigm we can choose to live within where everything is easy. As we were winding up our vacation at a lakeside cottage in Michigan a little more than a week ago, she spoke about the possibility of the two of us sharing our story and our experience with our own relationship in a way that could help other people. For us, it is a “pay it forward” idea, as it was this very same thought of sharing relationship experiences so others could benefit, in the original case coming from Kenny and Julia Loggins, which was the key to Julia and me finding each other.

A blog seemed like a good place to start such a project, so while she was otherwise occupied, I got going on Blogger and discovered that a perfect name for our endeavor was available. I grabbed it.

We are not far along yet, but you can visit and see what we have done in a week. Our plan is to post bits of our story, now ten years in the making, while responding, each of us, to any thoughts or questions anyone might like to leave for us. We’re big believers in organic growth of thought objects, so we will be as interested in seeing where this takes us as anyone who stops by for a look. It will become just what it is supposed to become, of that we are certain. We’re open to seeing what that means as the weeks go by!

So, my Sacred Sunday contribution is to invite you to Creating a Loving Relationship, our new blog. When you do visit, please say hello and let us know what you think! Or, you are welcome to email us at CreatingaLovingRelationship at gmail dot com. (screwy spelling is to throw off those annoying ‘bots which scurry all over the internet capturing email addresses—the “at” is a stand-in for “@”, and the word “dot” is where you would put a period “.”)

I’ll still be posting my thoughts here at the Hamguin site at least weekly. My Sacred Life is such a joy for me that there is no way I would miss the “graduate program” of Sacred Sundays. Thanks, Carla, both for creating the original project and your great idea to carry it forward with Sacred Sundays!


Angela said...

Julia's sites are beautiful. You guys are doing incredible work together. I look forward to exploring further. Thanks!

Julie said...

I look forward to reading the site! Congratulations!

The Dream said...

Excellent - I think it is so important to share our experience, strength, and hope with others! I'm off to check out the sites now. What a cool couple you are!