Saturday, September 15, 2007

Keep us warm, please (My Sacred Life, day 22)

This tiny open closet in one of the five little bedrooms on the second floor of Sleepy Hollow holds the cure for today. It is not anything like the bitter cold which winters bring here in Michigan (when none of these lakeside cottages are inhabited, I should add), but given the really sieve-like nature of our cottage, even 40 degrees (F, for those of you who live in the many lands of C) seems pretty cold when you cannot prevent the wind from emptying the abode of any warmth the modest heaters provide.

So, we wear lots of clothes indoors, we snuggle up under blankets and quilts, and we have a couple of four-legged foot-warmers who specialize in just such emergencies. It is perfect weather for reading, napping, eating warm foods, and anticipating the warmer weather forecast for a couple of days from now.

Blankets and puppy foot-warmers are today's most sacred things.


Kate I said...

the temperature took a dive here today too...brr...marine fog descended on us and couldn't shake it off until late afternoon. It's always good to have those furry foot warmers!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Yes, we had cooler temps too. 80's! So much better than mid 90's or higher...Oh, the joy of living in the deep south!

Julie said...

Things are finally starting to cool here....but I gotta admit a puppy foot warmer sounds pleasant enough to wish for even cooler temps. I just dont like seasons to stick around longer than invited.

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

Great excuse to cuddle up together!