Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Sacred Life

For me, today (early this morning) is grocery-shopping day. My wife is not able to walk as far as necessary to go from one end to the other of our large chain-store destination, so I take on the chore.

It is my habit to get it all purchased, home, and put away by 8 am on Saturday morning, as that allows me a bit of rest before the "family day" begins--my wife gets up about 10.

This is the respite shot, before the rest of the clan is up and about.

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Carla said...

Hi Rick, nice to meet you!

Hamguin said...

It's great to have been introduced to the powerful community of which you are a part, Carla!

Over time, it is my intent to visit and enjoy all the contributors' blogs which are part of My Sacred Life. To be honest, I tend to wander once I arrive at someone's blog, though. That's what the "over time" part is about!

I visited Kelly's blog this morning, and was soon scouting out all the links she included in her entries...

Thanks again for starting the project, Carla!