Friday, August 31, 2007

Lots! (My Sacred Life, day 7)

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As I'll bet many of you have noticed, there are lots of us who are involved with the My Sacred Life project. For me, since I had not had the pleasure of meeting most of you prior to this group forming, it is particularly true that I struggle, just a bit, to remember who is who.

I was sitting here after commenting on one of the cool blogs belonging to a member of this group when a voice inside me, this time the doubting voice, whispered in my ear, "How many people can you really get to know this way, after all??"

Not the slightest hesitation occurred before a powerfully strong, yet very small voice responded: "How many you got?"

I'm fully behind that sentiment!

This is such a joy for me, and I am grateful to all of those who have joined in, allowing us the glimpses of their lives so openly. I already have gained much from this adventure, and it is, for me, only a week old. It cannot be missed, either, that I am the only one of the male persuasion who is a member at this point. I know this makes it awkward when some wish to say, "All the wonderful women who have gathered here...", and I would like to take this opportunity to grant immunity to anyone starting a sentence that way in their blog, in reference to the My Sacred Life group. If you are willing to have me as one of the girls, I am honored to accept.

I know I tend to comment somewhat differently than many do, and I can only attest to the fact that no comment I have written came out of anywhere but my heart, inspired by the energy I was feeling at that moment. Yes, I stub my toe sometimes in my comments. No, I don't wish to take any of them back, but I do apologize both in retrospect and in advance to anyone who takes offense. Please know I never meant anything but to help. I won't hide behind the cliche that it is a guy thing to want to fix things. I'll just stand beside it, arm affectionally draped around its shoulders.


Deborah said...

It hadn't escaped my notice that you're the only guy but it is invaluable to have you along for the ride. (Talk about trying not to stub your toes during comments...)

I guess what I most want to say and what I have been noodling around in my head is that, although I have made a career out of spiritual practices, I know very little about men's spirituality. I sit in circles with women, I leads workshops that so far have only been women (though not by intention) and I am a women. Women's spirituality I got a pretty good grasp on.

The men I know have their feet firmly planted in what my husband and I affectionately refer to as the "real world." Connection to others in a spiritual sense is outside of their experience, or at best not part of their external life.

The insight I am gaining into how you find meaning in life and where you see things from is a great gift to me.

You say "How many people can I get to know?" and I feel it too - the dichotomy of knowing but not knowing all these people in the project. My own little voice answers "Why not this way?" OK then...Let's see what we can learn from this little journey and all these wonderful PEOPLE along for the ride on My Sacred Life!

PS and the award for longest comment so far goes to...

Olivia said...

You are welcome, Rick. It is nice to have you here, and for us all to be on this ride together. I think that each person is here on purpose, and has a unique task to contribute.

Sometimes I think we read a post that someone has written and project onto that person all kinds of qualities. If they are someone we seem to like or to relate to from their post, we project positive qualities onto them. If they write about things that are harder for us to identify with or understand, then we may project other things onto them. But if we know we're doing that, then it helps.

We can only know each other just so much, as Deborah wrote, "the dichotomy of knowing but not knowing". But to whatever extent we do, it is a precious gift.

Hope my musings today on your post make some sense---I'm a little off today :)

Hamguin said...

Deborah--I wrote a comment on my own blog at some point in the last couple of days which was twice as long! Sometimes, the fingers just don't know when to give it a rest! I'm thinking of taking that comment out front and posting it soon.

Thanks for gracefully avoiding that hidden toe-stubber and making me know I'm welcome. Whatever I can bring to the table, I will!

Olivia--you mention one of the single-most frequently violated principles of communication, and I thank you for reminding me that listening is often far more important (and teaches one far more) than talking, or typing in this case. The more you go off at the mouth, the further away you are likely to wander from the true spirit of the person you are seeking to know.

Thanks to you both for stopping by! See you soon over at your place.

Patti said...

I think it's cool that you have joined all these women participating in My Sacred Life. As Deborah said, it is refreshing to hear a man's perspective on spirituality and sacredness.

Lori-Lyn said...

Yes - I agree that's it's refreshing to have a man's voice as a part of this project.
And I do love this project.
I love exploring the participants' blogs each day.

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

"arm draped affectionately over its shoulder..."